A measure of difference

The company

twenty2degrees Design Partnership is a hospitality design practice with a wide portfolio of work across Europe, the UK and in Africa. Our instinct is to design interiors that are original, yet true to brand, interiors which are modern, infused with sense of place and a sense of fun, and yet are seriously fit for purpose.

Naturally, we take a lot of care with what we design, both creatively and by really understanding the minutiae of our concept so that it can be implemented in full. We take equal care in the relationships we build with owners, operators and the consultant team because we believe it is not just about what we design but about how we work as team players to deliver our projects.

twenty2 degrees was founded in London in 2012 with the intention of turning the dial a little. The longevity of our client relationships and the recognition garnered by the projects we have completed since then reflect our ambition.

  • Nicholas Stoupas

    Founder & Managing Director

    Nick formed twenty2 degrees Design Partnership following 10 years of working at director level within the hospitality design sector. Originally graduating with a degree in Architecture in his native Australia, he came to the UK to satisfy his restless spirit, and stayed, working with several well-known architectural and design practices specialising in international hotel design.

    Speaking of his decision to establish his own practice, Nick says: “I was keen to forge my own identity. I was convinced that the design process could be more enjoyable for everyone involved, improving the end result and enhancing the guest experience”.

    Nick drives the growth of twenty2 degrees, managing the firm’s strategic vision and its relationships with owners, operators and members of the project team. He is recognised for his leadership in creating concepts that can be fully delivered on site, for designs that respect and elevate the brand and for his thorough understanding of the operational and commercial realities which are key to achieving interiors that serve the test of time.

    Today, the hallmarks of Nick’s ethos can be seen in successful hotels and restaurants across European and African capitals, business and leisure destinations and urban neighbourhoods.

  • Joseph Stella

    Creative Director

    Joe relocated to the UK from Melbourne, Australia in the mid-2000s to broaden his experience in the international hospitality design and worked at a senior level with two widely respected London-based firms. It was at one of these that he met Nick and within a few months of the founding of twenty2 degrees, he joined the company with the remit to further enhance its conceptual offering and help grow the young firm into an award-winning practice.

    Joe’s achievement since then springs from his commitment to looking at each project individually and embracing possibilities to push initial ideas a little further. Instinctively, he identifies and nurtures a narrative, which, whether historical, cultural, industrial or artisanal, threads through each project, adding sense of place, meaning and memorability to the experience. Joe’s eye for detail, ability to translate local patinas and forms into contemporary interior aesthetics and belief in aligning art and design are signatures of twenty2 degrees’ work.

    “Whenever we begin a new project, we first look to the brief in order to form the bare bones of the concept,” says Joe.  “Then I explore the culture, unique characteristics and the people of the location, past and present, and from here we add layers of design expression”.