Aqua Bar & Conservatory

For day and night

In re-designing the Crowne Plaza Marlow, a conference hotel on the banks of the River Thames, twenty2 degrees turned a large, dark and rarely frequented bar into a space that could be enjoyed in different ways by different clientele during day and evening.

This was a metamorphosis achieved by radically re-planning the space to create cosy niches and open sharing areas as well as by mixing together classic bar and residential style settings. We took   certain cues from our re-design of the restaurant next door and added large mirrors to bounce the light around – natural light during the day pouring in through the conservatory and luminaires by night.

Timber parquet and concrete effect floor slabs describe the contrasting moods of the bar and these are flipped onto the ceiling finishes. The colour palette is restrained in shades of grey; texture is used to add interest.