Liz and Chain, Budapest

Social flexibility

Situated on the banks of the Danube and offering panoramic views of the river between two of Budapest’s most famous bridges, The Elizabeth and The Chain, The Marriott Hotel is a much sought- after venue by groups, business travellers and local people. twenty2 degrees was invited to refurbish the ground floor public areas, transforming these into the brand’s Greatroom concept, part of which was the Liz and Chain Bar.

We created Marriott’s first ‘disruptive bar’ – a marble and timber clad island with integrated amenities around which staff circulate. This can be extended so guests may dine at the bar or food may be displayed during special events. In keeping with the rest of the Greatroom, we integrated Hungarian Bauhaus and Cubist design influences and, acting as the art consultant, we introduced bespoke pieces that paid homage to this vibrant era.