Rotisse, Brussels

Creative Placemaking

Rotisse is a restaurant that belongs to the spirit of Brussels with an interior design that proudly reflects the city’s cultural inheritance while embracing modern attitude. While part of the Marriott Brussels, it is a restaurant intended for locals as much as for hotel guests and its elegant pavement façade and entrance, together with a verdant outdoor terrace, convert a sleepy side street into a stylish new neighbourhood destination.

Aesthetically, Rotisse resonates with the familiar, from locally sourced bentwood chairs and classic bar stools to brasserie-style light fittings. The colour palette is earthy, combining the existing oak floor and the dark timbers of the furniture with ochre toned fabrics. By contrast, marble and terrazzo tabletops and counters speak of a more refined idiom.

The narrative draws on the Belgians’ legendary passion for consuming chicken, but the restaurant’s statement piece is a modern rotisserie framed by a contemporary show kitchen. Artwork intentionally mixes up the antique and modern as well with two “art walls” carefully curated to reflect the city’s culture over time.