The District, Nairobi


Not just a sports bar but rather a celebration of the convergence between urban culture and sports, The District is set to become Nairobi’s go-to destination for the young-at-heart as well as sports fans keen to watch a game.

Our design picks up on the feel of a vintage athletic club infused with urban attitude. There is distressed leather upholstery to some of the seating, a pressed tin ceiling and wooden trestle tables. Flooring combines black and white chequerboard tiling, timber and concrete slabs, while metal mesh curtaining and metal framed stools add to the industrial vibe.

The space is zoned to provide areas for different activities at the same time, from interactive walls for enthusiastic instagrammers, spaces with games to play and the restaurant, to the bar with its multiple big screens.  Here, high stools offer the best vantage points for avid viewers but there is also curvaceous banquette seating positioned for those who prefer to just have the game on in the background. In addition, there is a large outdoor terrace for al fresco eating and drinking overlooking the city.